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Podiatrist in Cardiff


Leila is our Podiatrist at Healthy Foot. She trained at the Cardiff Metropolitan University and was awarded a 1st Class Bachelor of Science in Podiatric Medicine. Leila is a Member of the Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists and is regulated by the Health Care Professions Council. She is qualified to administer local anaesthetic (LA) as well as prescription only medicines
Leila also works as a Podiatrist at Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust.
We would be more than delighted to see you in our clinic or in the comfort of your own home, if that is more convenient.


Treatment of fungal infection

Fungal nail infection needs intensive care as if untreated it can destroy the nail. In addition to offering treatment for the fungal nail, our specialist will also give you suggestions on how to prevent fungal conditions from re-occurring in the future.

Professional Podiatrist

Are you suffering from pain in your feet? Come to Healthy Foot and give your feet the care and attention they need. Our highly qualified chiropodist offers feet care treatments that are second to none.

Our services include:

  • Nail cutting
  • Reducing corn and hard skin
  • Cracked heels treatment
  • Verrucas treatments
  • Foot pain
  • Athlete’s foot / Fungal infection treatment
  • Ingrowing toenail
  • Nail surgery